2021 Introduction to IT Technology Innovations

Difference between IP VPN vs MPLS VPN

Compared with the traditional IP VPN, the biggest difference for mpls is the network infrastructure. IP VPN usually uses the Internet for cloud solutions data transmission, but MPLS VPN mostly uses ISP’s. A dedicated cloud solutions network is the main transmission backbone. For enterprises, when using MPLS, they can not only use the unique backbone of ISP operators. With independent high-speed bandwidth cloud solutions, you can also enjoy a well-equipped mpls network and rigorously managed mpls vpn network equipment room and services at the same time.

On the other hand, due to the lack of unified and centralized management in mpls vpn, the possibility of cloud solutions data breach or theft during cloud solutions transmission is reduced. The managed security service providers provide managed security service and managed it security. MPLS can strengthen the inferiority of the IP network in terms of network quality. This is the main difference for IP VPN and MPLS, showing the advantages of MPLS.

Managed security service

Managed security service or external managed security service are becoming a new reality for enterprises of all sizes. Hiring a managed security service provider can bring many benefits to an organization’s security team. While managed security service provider handles the daily monitoring and management of your business cloud service and managed security service environment, your team can begin to focus on strategic security projects instead of focusing on managed security services, as managed security services may require staff’s time and effort to maintain the managed security service.

Managed security services reduce costs and increase business cloud service efficiency. Managed security service provider provides business cloud service company with a team of experienced managed it security experts who will work for the business cloud service company, but the cost of establishing your own managed security services team is extremely high. Finding the perfect collection of managed it security technologies and managed it security solutions can be a daunting task.

Managed security services requires rapid response and incident investigation. Security service provider can provide managed security services and incident investigation managed security services, will provide unique experience in handling corporate security visas. This prevents further damage to the organization, from damage to a single system to business disruption to advanced attack groups. The security service provider incident response team will quickly assess the challenges you are facing.

The Introduction of sd wan network

It can be seen that the essence of sd wan network is based on reliable and low-cost mpls vpn Internet access, combined with cloud solutions such as sd wan network, to achieve better cost-effective networking services than traditional transmission lines and mpls vpn. Therefore, although at present, sd wan network will not impact the stock market of the stock mpls vpn line for the time being, it is mainly based on incremental bandwidth and connection requirements (eg, mpls vpn expansion bandwidth demand, backup circuit demand Moved to sd wan network), but the future is hard to say.

The core of sd wan network is not in SDN, but in cloud solutions access. From a technical point of view, everyone is right to study sd wan network in depth, such as sd wan network optimization in routing, the combination of cloud computing, etc., but we must not turn the cart before the horse. For sd wan network to succeed in the industry, the first element must be It is not what scientists invented, but the popularity of the enterprise cloud computing and the reliability of the cloud computing. Whether it is sd wan network or SDN controller, sd wan network only provides a tool and method for network organization and resource configuration, without changing the nature of network business production.

sd wan network essentially cannot shorten the turn-on time. When the current sd wan network service is provided, there is a premise that the customer has already opened the Internet access circuit (of course, if it is the sd wan network provided by the telecom operator, the cloud solutions circuit can be provided by the same operator, but in the process, the Internet access circuit must be opened first.


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