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BAND achieves 20 million downloads and 2 billion monthly sessions worldwide

BAND achieves 20 million downloads and 2 billion monthly sessions worldwide

Source: EBA Communications Ltd Date: Monday, 23 December 2013
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BAND, a group-focused LINE family service, celebrates these milestones offering 200 gift vouchers to search for the top 200 Band leaders in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, December 23, 2013 - BAND, a world leading 'group' social networking service that provides separate spaces for managing real-life relationships with different group members, has recently achieved 20 million downloads, surpassed 2 billion monthly sessions and created 7.5 million groups - just 10 months after its worldwide launch. Consistent growth is seen in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and United States.

To celebrate these milestones, BAND is giving away 200 gift vouchers, each worth HK$200, to the top 200 BAND leaders in Hong Kong.

From today and until January 5, 2014, a BAND leader who creates a group and invites a minimum of three friends to join his/her group, recruits more members and uses BAND often could become one of the top 200 to receive a gift voucher as a reward from BAND.

"Celebrate with BAND during this period!" said Mike Won, head of global business at BAND. "Our gift of vouchers for the top BAND leaders is just our humble token of thanks to Hong Kong users for their enthusiastic support of BAND. We would definitely like to see more BAND leaders and more groups from Hong Kong so hurry and join BAND."

The success of BAND is due to its unique nature of focusing more on closely related groups rather than everyone you know through open social services such as Facebook or Twitter. Many people, ranging from teens to adults, tend to not want to hang out in the same places with their parents, teachers or even bosses. BAND allows them to communicate safely as it has focused on managing separate group communications which appeals to users who need more private and convenient communication.

In addition to individual users, BAND has become widely used for organizational users, including companies, schools, alumni associations and other organizations that require group communication for official or unofficial purposes.

BAND previously introduced a PC version ( for non-smartphone users to access the service and has released version 2.3 last month. Version 2.3 brings "Sticker Shop" to users, offering a variety of fancy stickers, including K-Pop celebrity stickers such as Psy, SHINee, EXO and 2PM, for download. Stickers can be used on posts or on chats in a way of expressing one's feeling or status.

"We have seen a rapid growth of users from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand when BAND provided its Sticker Shop. We expect the growth will accelerate as the demand for more private communication using diverse fun stickers continues," said Mr Won.

BAND is a free app and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

About BAND
BAND is a private group networking service that provides the ideal communication solution for real-life groups. Optimizing mobile use to an unprecedented level, BAND enables users to privately share life stories and plan gatherings for different social groups through convenient features such as bulletin boards, photo albums, calendars, group chats and polls. Based on its unique service features, BAND has successfully acquired over 20 million users worldwide.

BAND is by Camp Mobile, a subsidiary of Naver, the operator of South Korea's top portal, which specializes in developing mobile services. BAND and Dodol Launcher are flagship products of Camp Mobile.